About Us

It’s a little out of the ordinary to say that a company was born because of a mishap and a can of paint-but for GeoCrete Concrete Coatings that is the truth.

Jack Karam is the owner of Geofill Construction- a general contracting company. Jack wanted to move closer to the office and purchased a beautiful home outside of Schertz, Texas. One of his favorite things about the home was his garage. It was not the fact that it was so expansive that made it special. It was the floor. The floor was not the typical gray concrete floor with the occasional grease spot. Instead it was a showroom worthy concrete coated floor that transformed the garage into an extension of his living space. Jack was impressed with the space so much that he escorted his guests in and out of the house by way of the garage.

One fateful night, Jack had been repainting and putting the final touches on his home. He noticed the weather changing and decide to back his vehicle into the garage. In the process, he heard a small explosion. His heart sank and knew in that instance what he had done. He had backed over a can of paint. Paint splattered everywhere. His floor was ruined. He wiped up the excess paint. Not sure what to expect, he took the hose and gently sprayed water over the spill. He couldn’t believe that he was watching the paint wash away and the same beautiful shine began to peek through. The floor was beautiful again, without a trace of paint. After that day, Jack realized the value and durability of the flooring system first hand. He knew the Penntek product had to be a part of his restoration company. GeoCrete Concrete Coatings, a division of Geofill, was born. GeoCrete is excited to be a certified installer and dealer of Penntek Industrial Coatings.


Geofill Construction, the parent company of GeoCrete Concrete Coatings and was established in 2004 to meet the restoration and rehab needs of the commercial and multi-family industry.

Both companies proudly service the San Antonio, Schertz, New Braunfels and surrounding communities.